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How to measure your jeans

This guide will show you how to correctly measure jeans to

ensure a proper fit when buying your Brazilian Butt Lift Jeans.


Not everybody measures their jeans the same way...but this is the BellaModa Brazil’s standard measurement.


~How To Properly Measure Jeans~

Your jeans should be lying flat, face up and in a normal

'standing position' as illustrated below.

Measuring the waist

The most common way of doing is measuring it flat across the back

and then doubling the number. For instance, if the waist measured

is 12 inches flat across then the waist measurement is 24 inches.


Measuring the Front Rise & the Hips
The front rise is the distance from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband,

just above the front closure button. The front rise on these jeans is 8 inches.


The most accurate way to measure the hips is flat across the base of the zipper

*The PROPER WAY is from EDGE TO EDGE -- which is the only way shown in this guide.

The hips on this pair of jeans is 18 inches... so we will double it and call it 36 inches.

The Inseam  
The inseam is the distance from the crotch to the leg opening.